Stéphane Korvin


"I know what we should do, lean against each other, be a cylinder, collect the light, read what shuts us in, the infirmity, not spread it too soon, the days are so long, they sleep in the palm along vertigo thoughts."

Stéphane Korvin

Stéphane Korvin was born in 1981. He lives and works in Paris. His work consists of a photographical and pictorial exploration of projected spaces of the body, melancholic figures, and lands where life can be found winding within. His use of poetry explores daily life, looking at it from the inside out, leaving a very physical space for the body. He examines its contours and intersections, weighing the pressure of desire and questioning fear and the rustling of time.  


He is the founder of a creative literary journal called “Aka”, which he also crafts entirely by hand. He is the co-host of the periodical review “serie z”, inviting authors to contribute on subjects related to animality.


In 2015, he established the publishing house “Brûle-pourpoint” which re-publishes challenging, lost or forgotten books. Its first published title is “Non, rien” by Agnès Rouzier. 

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