Pär Hansson


Pär against paranoia - The society where I live is characterized by individual stress and collective paranoia. We are afraid of strangers, terrorists, economic bankruptcy, ecological collapse and our own mortality. If you have a job, you are afraid to lose it, to be left outside. Poetry can be a way to deal with this fear. An ongoing voice that is always present, sometimes it’s silent and unnotised, sometimes it speaks loud and clear. In my society the media information is massive, speedy and for free. Attention is not for free, but the most valuable and beautiful thing.

Pär Hansson

Pär Hansson was born 1970 in Vännäs, Västerbotten County, in Northern Sweden.

He has published five collections of poetry at Norstedts Publishing House: Ruckel/Hovel, Familjekista/Family Chest, Lavinflaggor/Avalanche Flags, Motorsågsminne/Chainsaw Memory and Vi plockar bär i civilisationen/Berrypicking Poems. His works have been included in anthologies and published in literary magazines in Sweden and abroad, with translations to the English, Spanish, French, German, Slovakian, Bosnian and Estonian. The spoken word is essential for his writing. Reading the poems aloud in different rooms has been part of his poetic practice since his debut in 1998. He is a member of Sweden's Writers Association Board and one of the editors of the poetry fanzine Grass. He now lives in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, where he organizes readings on his veranda and teaches creative writing at Folk university of Gotland.

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