What were the main reasons for the Viking raids?

When was the Trans Siberian railway finished?

Who were the Boers?

Who were the populists?

Why was there an increased demand for paper?

How old is agriculture?

How can we know anything about the illiterate people?

When and where was the peace treaty signed?

How did Sweden react to Norway’s reaction?

Explain the concepts urbanisation, colonisation and emigration.

In what ways was communications improved?

What task did the king have?

When did the Black Death reach Scandinavia?

What was the rising of the Mountain men about and who was their leader?

Give examples of means of production.

What new states arose on the Balkan Peninsula?

Give a short account of the conquests of Alexander the Great.

What role did journalism play?

What did Hellenism imply?

Explain the origin of the English word spinster.

Explain the importance of the potato.

© Linn Hansén, Gå till historien (Norstedts 2013), translated by Linn Hansén