How did Tsar Nicholas justify the war against the Ottoman Empire?

What explains the constant increase of population?

What does the theory of the virulence of parasites imply?

How great did the Arabic Empire become?

How did Nigeria gain its independence?

Explain the term vaccination.

What did Louis Pasteur prove?

What does Thomas Robert Malthus’ theory imply?

What role did trading play?

What principles were followed?

Compare the Iron Age of northern Europe with the one of the southern.

What are the origins of the Tuareg languages?

Who was the architect of peace?

In what ways did France change?

Relate the German heroic poem to class.

What do the colours of the Congolese flag represent?

How did farming begin?

To what did the Phoenician contribute?

And the Romans?

Explain how feudalism worked.

© Linn Hansén, Gå till historien (Norstedts 2013), translated by Linn Hansén