David Vikgren


It's about exploring the premise of geography for oneself and for others, have people singing in other tones, articulate something that can not be done in any other form.

David Vikgren

David Vikgren, born 1975, grew up in Övertorneå and Luleå in the northern part of Sweden. The author and playwright made his debut in the autumn of 2002 with the poetry collection För en framtida antropologisk forskning/For future anthropological research. Vikgrens second book, Ordningen/ Procedure, is often described as his literary breakthrough, for which he was awarded the lyricist award "The Golden Pin". Since then he has published a handful of books for which he has collected just as many prices.

Folkmun/Vernacular, perhaps Vikgrens most acclaimed work, deals with lyrically celebrated nature, hard bureaucratic official language and – social provincial experience. An experience that, alternately, toggles between cheerful parochialism and aggressively dissatisfaction.

In David Vikgren’s recent book Nåden/Mercy we’re forced to consider the role of language, our consumption society, the packaging hysteria and the shallowness that perhaps elbows poetry out of the way. Or not.

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