Reincarnation of the stanza

by Peter Macsovszky

Reincarnation of the stanza

The first stanza does not claim to have the function

of concise exposition.

That is precisely why it has nothing to say.

The second stanza does not waste space in the way

the first stanza is doing right now                                                               

but develops its idea, intensifying

the motif, endowing the text with necessary tension,

which will probably, however,

be suppressed in the third stanza.

The third stanza clarifies the way

the fifth stanza is integrated

into the poetic context

of the fourth stanza. It could be said

that to a certain extent it has the character of metatext.


The fourth stanza has a stepmother’s attitude

to the third stanza; it is undesired

reciprocity, a sort of suspended

gradation — the beginning of regress,

one of the signs of recession.


The fifth stanza is written

at least as skilfully as the third,

but means nothing for the fourth.


The sixth stanza is written.

© Peter Macsovszky, translated by Marián Andričík