Incommunicable communicated

by Peter Macsovszky

Incommunicable communicated

This text probably represents

some other text. Represents. Replaces.

Does not explain. Refers to some other,

far deeper meaning —

the meaning of unattainable depths.


This text probably represents

itself, stands for itself, of course,

only when it is not here, it is by itself,

replaces, confirms itself. For itself

it is a reference referring to itself.


So this text has no other meaning,

except for the single one it has. Apart from that,

no other meaning may be arbitrarily

ascribed to it, or removed from it.


Its only meaning is that it has

no meaning by itself, but this is not

the same as meaninglessness.


This text is part of secret sciences.

© Peter Macsovszky, translated by Marián Andričík