7 ordinary situations

by Peter Macsovszky

7 ordinary situations

The idea that someone heard our voice

while the door was closed

fills us, to tell the truth, with feelings

of insecurity. Let us imagine it.


Let us imagine that he who

says so heard voices from our room:

it seemed to him he identified us,

but he is not sure if our radio

happened to be on.


It is also possible we were not there

but our radio was on,

someone else having turned it on.

But this also cannot be ruled out,

that we were there but the radio was not on.


So that evening we were

at the agreed place,

in the given enclosed area.

Or our radio was on.

If we were not there and the radio was not on,

they are on a false lead:

it is not true that someone heard us.

Let us hope we were in that evening.


Even if indeed someone spoke

in our room, but we were not there

and the radio was turned off.

© Peter Macsovszky, translated by Marián Andričík