The fate of man

by Michal Habaj

The fate of man

polar night without end: has fallen upon the land: upon the broad land:

you and I: we stray each in the other: amidst the darkness:

that has shrouded the world: drape of death drape of emptiness:

you have seen a bird fly in the sky: you have seen a doe

hop into the thicket: you have seen spring water

and breathable air: you have seen a world beyond the monitor:

when did you last when did you last: break me off a bit

of the keyboard: of the sweetest gingerbread: touch

the screen: the most delicate skin: heaven is forever within:

in a space suit: we are walking in darkness: glove in glove:

eyes behind protective glass: do you like me tell me

do you like me: my computer has not asked me this question before:

he has heard it from us or we have heard it from him:

amidst the dead planet: amidst the inhospitable

universe: one can maybe only just love: only love from the heart.

© Michal Habaj, translated by John Minahane