The story of our life

by Michal Habaj

The story of our life

still they sleep: the lancers and bowmen: of Queen Esmeralda:

still they sleep: the eternal slumber of enchantment: strewn

like breadcrumbs: defenceless even though armed:

disarmed by a weird beautiful vision: what did they see?

What did they see, the gallant warriors of Good Queen Esmeralda?

What did they see in the weird castle of Klika the witch: what did they see

with eyes carried off by the memory of their loves:

bent over the home kettle, cooking a stew of hope for

their countrymen strewn like breadcrumbs? what did they see

roaming the castle corridors in vain: the ruined joinery workshops:

cellars and places of dark: oh: a city wholly of pink glass:

a place where the rays of the sun played with all of the rainbow’s hues:

they overlapped: they crossed the world like the fabled battleship

Aurora: and heavenly music was heard in stereo: Dolby system:

digital tuners: wide screen video projection: stroboscopes:

laser beams: a half-naked young girl: she was gazing

into the distance: where her astral lover bent over her:

in Nike tennis shoes: and said: you must dance with a whole heart:

you must make love with the whole body: and the world was suddenly

a transparent glass ball: where all happens simultaneously: for love alone

one must fight to the last breath: and the good warriors

of Queen Esmeralda understood everything.

© Michal Habaj, translated by John Minahane