In the port: information carrier

by Michal Habaj

In the port: information carrier

there are port docks: entirely of glass: entirely of marble:

entirely of the ivory bones of our childhood: there are ports

full of ships that sail at daybreak on the expansive sea

of unfulfilled desires: there are ships that do not think of return

to the dark snares of show business: and voyage onwards:

driven only by their own idea of the meaning of wayfaring:

who remains behind them on the shore: alone: with hair fanning

to all sides? he is a carrier of information: little sorrowful

carrier: for hours on end carrying the audiovisual record

of his own execution: he thinks of his girl: the beautiful Palomina:

rocking side to side in a golden fever: somewhere in Alaska:

in a bottomless cot: diffusing itself like a monitor:

into more and more bodies: peaceful summertime kitchenette:

the orphan girls’ flowerbed outside: oh where are you: beautiful Palomina:

eternally fleeing to the man-made Edens of remembrance:

the cure for your fever is in your heart: the call of the carrier

is borne over the sea’s expansive surface: beautiful Palomina:

come back to me: come back to the port of love.

© Michal Habaj, translated by John Minahane