Do not forget: today, tomorrow, yesterday

by Michal Habaj

Do not forget: today, tomorrow, yesterday

my body’s bloody sword: is heading for your gates:

ancient sweetheart of the earthlings: my uprearing body’s

bloody sword: bearing an item of information:

about me: chopped hands chopped nerves: sand mouth

sand heart: towards your gates: ancient: heading

ranks of bloody swords: our uprearing bodies:

in glittering space suits: in helmets and gauntlets:

concealing information: of the rusting implants:

of whirling memories: of the marsh of despair where

sorrow overcame us: you were still a young girl:

but already followed: by astronauts’ glances: you were

more fragile and tender: but registered already:

by instruments on decks: you were she: whom I know:

only from hard discs: only from stories of old computers:

only from the sparse data given by taciturn proto-cyborgs:

you were: she whom still to this day I seek: alone

amidst the infinite universe of my solitude.

© Michal Habaj, translated by John Minahane