Tailbone against Tailbone

by Martin Solotruk

Tailbone against Tailbone

Tailbone against tailbone

we fight

the changeability of weather.


As if your body in a ball

were the point

of the whole ticklish process

in my spine — we’re lying

back to back, curling

into our idea of selves

with our hands like paws

resting childlike on our faces

but connected nonetheless

like Siamese twins,

two phases of the alternating current.


First you’re one and I’m the other

and then the other way round,

impossibly fast,

like this and like that

so we’d be one…

Impossibly fast like this and like that

so we’d be one…


We’re entwined,


virtual photon genetic

chains of light, which

aside from other things

maintains our faces in Hellenic youth,

and even encourages

our majestic contemplations

about the lumbar complementarity

of the golden ratio

and of the photosynthesis

of nano-places,

some of which

we can feel right now

in this cosmic darkness

under the blanket

when what we hear

sounds like dubbing

to the moving images

of solar origin.

© Martin Solotruk, translated by Zuzana Starovecká