Eva Luka


Eva Luka, is a poetess and a writer. She has been writing poetry from childhood, and has won a number of literary contests for children and adults. She studied interpreting-translating, English and Japanese at Comenius University and then she spent eight years in Japan, studying, interpreting, teaching English and especially working on her PhD thesis in Japanese literature (Abe Kóbó, Suna no onna, The Woman in the Dunes, Ósaka University). After her stay in Japan she spent four years in Spain, teaching English and Japanese. She has translated a lot of poems and short stories from English and Japanese into Slovak. Her own first collection of poems Divosestra (The Wild Sister) was published in 1999 and attracted the attention of readers and critics (for this book Luka gained Rubato Award, Krasko Award, Literary Revue Award, Haľamová Award). Her second book Diabloň (The Devil Tree) was published in 2005 and the third one, Havranjel (The Ravenangel) in 2011. Luka's poems have been translated into many world languages, including for example Hindu. She works on several prosaic books and plans to publish a novel for children with her own illustrations. In present she teaches at Trnava University, Slovakia.

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