by Harry Man


Born on 22nd April 454 billion BC You and Gravity are now friends

Your hometown in Spiral Arm, Milky Way is ‘Solar System’ 0 like this

The Moon has indicated that you are brothers Confirm? Accept? Block?

Hi EARTH I would like to add you to my professional network

Fossil Record has indicated that you worked at ‘Multi Cellular Life’

Archaea and Eucaryota shared a link on your timeline


Bacteria and Eucaryota shared a link on your timeline

Vertebrate Animals suggested adding Primitive Fish to your list of friends

Today is Ozone Layer’s birthday. UV Radiation ‘Ozone - get a life’

Vendian Supercontinent commented on your status ‘Great atmosphere’ Like?

You have successfully joined ‘Cratons and Vendian Supercontinent’ network

Ozone Layer invited you to an event ‘Party on the surface, UV is BLOCKED!’


Unknown invited you to the event ‘The Ordovician–Silurian Mass Extinction’ Block

requests from this application? Activity from Unknown will not appear in your timeline

Eurasia, Antarctica, India and North America recently joined Pangaea in your network

Early Mammals, Reptiles, Seeds and 700 million others are now your friends

You have successfully changed your cover picture to ‘OneBigGreenblob.jpg’ Like? 

Sponsored Devonian Period likes ‘Great Dying & Adaptive Radiation on the Tree of Life’


You are attending ‘Great Dying & Adaptive Radiation on the Tree of Life’

Remaining Insects read an article on the Daily Mail  ’Primitive Mammals to Block

Access to as Many Deceased Permian-Triassic era Facebook Profiles as They Like’

Archosaurs and Late Permian Period changed ‘In a relationship’ on their timelines

to ‘It’s complicated’ You and Severe Volcanism are now friends

Sunlight ‘Is Severe Volcanism blocking me? FFS This is a *social* network!’


Hi EARTH I would like to add you to my professional network

Shrew-like Skeletons has indicated you worked at ‘Slow Recovery of Mammalian Life’

You and The First Birds are now friends You and Stegosaurus are now friends

Vast Swamps and Prehistoric Forests joined I Secretly Want Earth to Be a Sludgy Wood Block

New message from Dinosaurs 150 million years ago – We RULE ur time lein

Therapsida maybe attending ‘Evolving into Early Hominids’ in 100 million years - Like?


Gondwana went from being ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’ near Iapteus Ocean 0 like this

Microraptors, Hadrosaurs, Flowering Plants and Massive Asteroid joined the network

‘Goodness Cretaceous Great Ball of Fire’ Massive Asteroid poked you on your timeline

Marsupials commented on their own status  ’So long 75% of my friends FML’

Arboreal Primates has a new role at ‘Becoming Homo Habilis: Off the Starting Blocks’ 

People You May Know: See All Neanderthals. The Recent Ice Age is a mutual friend


Humans like Life. Humans and Global Warming are now connected.

Sunlight Block this person? Report this? ‘SETI’  Join networking group?

Check out your timeline. What’s on your mind? Earth more friends are waiting.

© Harry Man