A House Built From Cloth

by Adam Horovitz

A House Built From Cloth

I grew up in a house built from cloth

played in the ruins of cottage industry

old stones like teazle teeth

chewing at my feet


fragments of industry

their lime-wash white

faded to a smoker’s gold.


I grew up in a valley

stretched over stone like cloth

rolled footballs and roller-skates

over sheep-felted grass


built locks

in the stream

under the old trade road.


I grew up in a landscape

where hedges and dry stone walls

ran through the fields like seams

where the past


was a runic language

stitched, dyed and woven

into oracular hills.


Time settles like ordered cloth

in these valleys

catches itself red handed

as it is folded back.


I grew up watching the past

pulling the weight of the future

along the canal’s linear thread.

© Adam Horovitz