Gytis Norvilas


Poetry should be pungent, uncomfortable, it must tease an author, a reader and a language. It should comfort. It must comfort only when it takes away hopes, illusions and phanthoms. I’m not sure if I am a poet, but it doesn’t matter to me.

Gytis Norvilas

Gytis Norvilas (b. 24 of December, 1976 in Jonava) poet, translator, essayist. Gytis has studied Theory of History ant History of Culture in Vilnius University. He started to publish in press in 1997. His published books: Akmen-skeltės, 2002 (Stone-splits), Skėrių pusryčiai, 2006  (Breakfast of Locusts), Išlydžių zonos, 2012 (Discharge zones). His first book Akmen-skeltės appeared in 2002, and was awarded with the Prize for Poetic Debut of the Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall. The book "Išlydžių zonos" was awarded by The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore as the most creative published work of 2012. The book was chosen by competent Commission to Five best poetry books of 2012 in Book of the Year Campaign.

Member of Lithuanian Writers Union. Lives in Vilnius. Editor of weekly cultural periodical "Literatūra ir menas" (Literature and art)

He translates poetry and prose from German, Russian. Translated and published Tuvans, Old Indians poetry; also a number of works of German and Austrian poets, i.e. Albert Lichtenstein, Hugo Ball, August Stramm, Kurt Schwitters, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Günter Eich, Wolfgang Weyrauch, Nicolo Born, Hans Carl Artmann, Ingeborg Bachmann, Christoph Meckel, Jürgen Theobaldy, Durs Grünbein, Robert Schindel, Josef Winkler etc.

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