Aivaras Veiknys


Experiences from childhood and adolescence are important for me. I had lessons this time and they influenced me so much. All my lessons were learned in my life. There are authors who are important to me but life still is the main context for my creative works. To live for writing is more important for me then to write for living.

Aivaras Veiknys

Aivaras Veiknys (b. 9 of January 1983 in Elektrėnai). Studied Real Estate Management in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. His first book R aktai (Keys) was published in 2007.

Worked as a journalist in Lithuanian daily "Respublika", has been in Afghanistan and prepared reportage from there.

Aivaras was awarded twise in Lithuanian Poetry Festival "Poetry Spring"  in 2008 and 2010 as young emergent poet. Cultural Press willingly is publishing his poetry from 2008, literature critics are very positive about his poetry.

Aivaras is a coorganizer of a Festival "Literatūrinės Vilniaus slinktys" (Literary slide of Vilnius) and he is a compiler or three Anthologies of this Festival (2011-2013).

His second book "Paukštuko liudijimai" was published in 2014 and was awarded with prestigious “The Young Yotvingian prize” as a best young poet’s book.

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