Sigurbjörg Thrastardóttir


Sigurbjörg's first book, the poetry collection Blálogaland (Land of Blue Flames), was published in 1999 and since then she has published further poetry, prose and plays. Also two novels: Sólar saga (The Story of Sól) – which won the Tómas Guðmundsson Literature Award when it was published in 2002 – and Stekk (Jump) in 2012. Sigurbjörg has also won awards for her poetry: Hnattflug (Circumnavigation) was chosen as the best book of poetry by the staff of Icelandic bookstores in 2000; Blysfarir (Torching) received the Fjöruverðlaunin women´s literature award in 2008; and Brúður (Bride) was nominated for the DV cultural award in 2010. Sigurbjörg´s poetry has been translated into twelve languages in conjunction with various literary conferences, poetry festivals and anthology publications across Europe. Sigurbjörg cooperated with four other Icelandic authors and five Polish photographers on the book project IS(not), she has worked with the Metropoetica group on various projects, and has also written songlyrics for Icelandic musicians.

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