Where do I find poetry? I believe that long walks can be the same as briefly plunging a sward into one’s guts.

Ivan Šamija

Ivan Šamija was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1976. By now he has published two poetry collections: Kupolenebo (AGM, Zagreb 2003) – later republished as an E-edition (DPKM 2006) – and the very recent Projekt Poljska (Meandrarmedia, Zagreb 2014). He is a member of cultural NGO “Brutal”, within which he is taking part in organization of “Brutal” international poetry festival, which since 2006. annually host young, mostly European poets in Zagreb. His poetry was published in various magazines in Croatia and beyond, as well as translated in couple of foreign languages. Scientist by vocation, he is employed as a molecular biologist. Lives and works in Zagreb.

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