Ana Brnardić


When I write I don’t seek the possibility of ascension, but of declension and submersion. Thus, chances are greater that the state of tensioned susceptibility will last longer.

Ana Brnardić

Ana Brnardić was born in Zagreb in 1980. She holds an M.A. in Comparative Literature and Croatian Language and Literature (University of Zagreb) and an M.A. in music (violin; Music Academy in Zagreb). She has published four collections of poems: Some Sage’s Pencil (1998 – The Goran Award for Young Poets and The Slavić Award by Croatian Writers' Association for the best debut poetry collection in 1999), Waltzing Snakes (2005 – The Kvirin Award for young poets), The Genesis of Birds (2009), and Hotel cu muzicieni (selected poems in Romanian, Bucharest, Romania, 2009, trans. into Romanian by Dumitru M. Ion). Her new collection of poems, Uphill (Uzbrdo) was published in Zagreb in April 2015. In 2016 her collection Postanak ptica was translated into Swedish by Djordje Zarkovic - Fåglarnas tillblivelse, Rámus förlag, Malmö, Sweden, 2016.

She has recently started writing a book of short prose.

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