Ivan Antonovski

Skopje, Macedonia

“The (re)creation of poetry is not an attempt to save the world, but releasing sighs that kindle a small flame in the middle of the darkness in those places found by the poet who uses his own map of reality.”

Ivan Antonovski

(1990, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia), poet, essayist, literary critic and literary translator. He has graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, as the best student of his generation.

He has written several poetry collections. His works are represented in several international poetic anthologies and part of his poetic output has been translated and published in a dozen of foreign languages. Antonovski has also edited several anthologies of poetry.

He is the author of studies from the area of literary history and hermeneutics, as well as from the area of cultural studies. Most of his studies have been published in publications of selected academic papers. He has also written a book of studies and essays on literary theory. He’s latest work is the collection of essays and columns.

Antonovski was a visiting lecturer at several educational institutions.

He has won several literary prizes. He is a member of the Association of Writers of Macedonia.

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