I am ivy

My leaves are hard,

green in winter, too,

varying in form

from shield to pointed star

My stalks are fitted

with tiny knots –

roots that have been transformed,

and I use them to clutch at you.

Contrary to the common view

I am not a parasite

my roots do not suck

your nutrients dry,

they only use you for support

my blossoms are greenish-yellow

My strange fruit ripens

at the end of winter, the beginning of spring

which is exactly the opposite

of other plants

I am only vulnerable to the worst cold snaps

My leaves should be

sprinkled regularly

and I should receive enough light

but don’t expose me

to direct sunlight

FROM “A DICTIONARY OF LOVE”, translated by Angela Rodel



О красота

О женствено изкушение

Благодат и изящество

Чувственост и свежест

Нощ на тайните

които само луната

може да види


жасминови стрели от Кама


гирлянд в коса море

в което се давя


Признание в любов


отива да посрещне

Марк Антоний

в лодка

чиито платна са покрити с жасмин

ИЗ „ЛЮБОВЕН РЕЧНИК” (2016-2017)