Snezana Stojcevska


“Poetry is a battlefield in which I fight with myself to find inner peace”

Snezana Stojcevska

Snezana Stojcevska was born in Skopje in 1980. She graduated on the Institute for Pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

For almost nine years she has been working as a production coordinator at Kvazar Film. In 2012 the publishing house ILI-ILI published her first poetry book “Sugar on the floor”, as part of the Rusalki edition where she has been an editor as well. In 2013 her second poetry book, “Below Zero” won the award “Beli Mugri” awarded by the PI House of culture “Kocho Racin”. In 2015, the “Templum” publishing published her third poetry book “Dark Blue Fantasies”. With the financial support from the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia the publishing house “Antolog” has published her latest poetry book “It Should Be Easy”. Stojceska has been included in numerous anthologies of the young Macedonian poetry. Her poetry has been included in the anthology in Albanian language “The Voice of the Water” which was published as part of the International poetry festival “Days of Naim” edition XIX in 2015. In 2016 she took part at the XV International literary meeting in Velenje, Slovenia. Her poetry was translated into Slovenian and published in the “Festival Anthology of Original and Translated European Poetry of the 21st Century”. Her poetry was included in the anthology “Lyric Dodechameron” edited by prof. Vladimir Martinovski, translated and published in Serbian as well. She took part and performed in numerous poetry festivals in Macedonia and abroad.

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