by Andriy Bondar


The Coen brothers - Ethan and Joel - taught me

do not be afraid of blood

the Tyutyunnyk brothers - Hryhir and Hryhoriy -

have teach me nothing I had have learned

Marks brothers influenced entire Hollywood's cinema

the Letov brothers looks more like father and son

the Klychko brothers' life is going the best possible way

the Branco brothers were accused of liaison with the mafia

the Schumacher brothers continue to represent "Ferrari"

By the way, are the Starostyn brothers still alive?

The Baggio brothers don't look like brothers at all

the Inzaghi brothers seem to hate each other

as well as the Chornovil brothers

the Surkis brothers is better not to know

the Saullochov brothers seem to be in prison

the Medvedchuk brothers hopefully will be inprisoned

the Khachilayev brothers and the Barayev brothers soon all be shooted

the Prokhasko brothers I haven't seen them for a while

the Lucuchuk brothers I have never seen together

the Pokalchuk brothers I don't even want to see

the Kapranov brothers I chronically can't distinguish

Vasyl and Vadym Skuratovskyy – aren't brothers

Ivan and Yevhen Marchuk aren't brothers too

"Braty Gadyukiny" – aren't brothers as well

"White brothers" sing hymns in metro transitions again

the Warner brothers shoot "Harry Potter's" second part

the Weiner brothers seem to emigrate or to be dead

the Strugatskyy brothers influenced several generations

but for some reason I have bypassed it

I was more interested in the Goncourt brothers

the Eliot brothers - Thomas Sterns and George

the Holmes brothers- Sherlock and Mycroft

"Karamazov brothers" and "Joseph and his brothers"

and my childhood - altogether solid the Grimm brothers

from the Jackson brothers only Michael made his name

from the Nobel brothers - only Alfred

from the Ulyanov brothers - only Volodymyr

from the Bush brothers - only George

from the Zerov brothers - only Mykola

but Mykhaylo had a better luck

the Lumier brothers were both lucky

except for all mentioned there's brothers

consanguineous uterine single-breasted stepbrothers spiritual

younger middle older

twin-brothers twins brothers Siamese brothers

cousins second cousins forest's Serapion's and Gideon's

"Brothers Tyutchev" - the sale of packaging materials


there are chames pards comrades billies fellowes pales bros cronies


brothers in misfortune and brothers in arms

trieth as brothers as much as devil's brother

neither brother nor kinsman brother against brother oh where're you brother

brother-killers brother-lovers brother-sellers


Brothers in Christ Brothers Muslimes Brothers-Slavs are brothers-pilots brothers-

acrobats brothers Gavz


sometimes brothers are more like lovers

sometimes brothers are not alike at all

if I haven't had a brother

Who'd then tell me what is the difference between

female and male sexual organs?

Who'd I've entrusted with the secret of my first love?

Who'd have taught me how to reach a naive man's pleasure?

Who'd explain the difference between a penalty kick and a free kick?

Someone must necessarily be near

if you don't have a brother I wish god gives you at least a sister

with sisters that's even more curious