by Andriy Bondar


"why are they all looking at me?"

do they really know that I am Ukrainian "- I always think so

going to the next bar

"Is this really that obvious, is it that that much obvious

Is it that much obvious that I'm Ukrainian "

I'm taking off the jacket (the imported one seems to be German but there is nobody wearing like


I'm in the jeans bought here last year

I'm in the sweater manufacturing in a country of Peru

sweater - from the gentle wool of the alpaca

it is qualitative and comfortable, but no one wears it here

I'm in American glasses

what else?

shoes rather sporting - these were trendy four years ago

do I look hopeless

or it's just seems so ?

my mood swinging between passionate patriotism and to beat someone in a face

it would have blown me complitely though


"Only Ukrainians can just like that and beat someone in a face" -

they think so and are right

"Only Ukrainians know how to sing so well" -

they think so and are right

("so I won't sing today" - I decided)

"Only Ukrainians can undress with a look that well " -

they think so and not mistaken

"Only Ukrainians could kill so many of ours

for such a short term "

they think so and not mistaken

In a such short time it's possible just for Ukrainians

I have half an hour

to fulfill my historical mission

what can I do in half an hour over one cup of beer?

To sum up the day

another one day of a Ukrainian in Poland

and to make a comforting conclusion:

"they just like me as a human being as a man"

and I pay them with mutuality it all back ordering another beer

and Robbie Williams is already for tenth time is telling me what he needs

from life:

"I just wonna feel real love" - sings Robbie Williams

we need the same thing with him

today I won't beat anyone in a face -

I make a step towards Ukrainian-Polish reconciliation

and I'm smiling like nobody here can

They can clearly see my teeth straight line of a healthy white Ukrainian teeth

Nobody here have such.