We have put Holger Nondane on the food parcel scheme. Every two weeks Holger Nondane will receive a parcel containing food and other necessities. Holger Nondane will not, however, receive any form of cash benefit. Although in practice we cannot force Holger Nondane to go home, we try to push Holger Nondane into leaving Denmark by putting Holger Nondane on the food parcel scheme. It is important to make quite clear to Holger Nondane that there is no choice but to go home. We must not start to sweeten Holger Nondane’s life. On the contrary, if Holger Nondane is denied asylum and refuses to go home then his wallet should be made to feel the strain. In order to prevent Holger Nondane’s children from suffering due to this state of affairs we have devised a supplementary children’s food parcel. The children’s parcel includes, for example, extra fruit for Holger Nondane’s children.

Legally we can keep Holger Nondane on the food parcel scheme for years. The only way in which Holger Nondane can come off the food parcel scheme is by agreeing to voluntary repatriation. If, after eighteen months, it should prove that repatriation is not possible, Holger Nondane can apply for a temporary residence permit. But in order to be granted a temporary residence permit, Holger Nondane must have cooperated with us at all times to try to bring about his repatriation. If Holger Nondane has not shown himself to be sufficiently cooperative the eighteen month rule will not apply.


This text is based on the newspaper articles 'Irakere presses til at rejse hjem' (Information, May 4, 2004), and 'Bertel Haarder afviser asylkritik' (Information, July 9, 2004).

From the collection Finding Holger Dane; translated from the Danish by Barbara J. Haveland