Julia Fiedorczuk


Julia Fiedorczuk (b. 1975) is a poet associated with the ecological and biologistic trend in contemporary Polish literature. Julia herself defines her poetry as a turn towards the non-human, the bodily, the materialistic. She developed this thought further in one of her interviews: “What I find ideal is poetry striking a conversation with other disciplines of science (such as biology), poetry, which is hospitable – open to a broad range of beings and emotions, while simultaneously humble, weighing words. Therefore, my masters include not only (numerous!) poets, but also scientists, because they, too, have to look at the world as if they are seeing it for the very first time”. For her debut Listopad nad Narwią (November on the Narew, 2000), the poet was awarded the prize of the Polish Society of Book Publishers. Poems from her book “Bio” (2004), which were also published in German in the manuskripte journal, won her the Austrian Hubert Burda prize (2005).

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