Vladimir Đurišić


Vladimir Đurišić, born in 1982 in Titograd, graduated at the Music Academy in Cetinje, and he currently finalizes his PHD thesis in Art Theory. Writes poetry, music, essays and theoretical texts, and translates poetry and literature from English. His poems were published in numerous regional periodicals and literature publications. He published a book of poems Nothing will soon explode (OKF, Cetinje, 2007) for which he was awarded with national poetry award, Risto Ratkovic prize. He worked as curator (Njegoshiations project), and selector of Music festival Espressivo. He was one of the founders and editor in chief of the online literary portal www.proletter.org. He was the editor of literature program of theatre festival FIAT. He is employed as lecturer of Music History and Style Analysis at the Music Academy in Cetinje, and currently resides between Belgrade and Podgorica. 

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