only these walls are your walls. teams change, sounds alter;

girls get younger. only behind these bars your body unfolds – there is no

other dance floor.


you watch all of them – yours and the presumptuous;

they spawn and hands slither, you breathe and the black sun above us revolves, you electrify

and there’s no need for difference, in this territory you breathe scarlet, no one can throw

iron around these silken necks, there is night and it’s day, when we are, we write, when we dance,

we write and sounds sway the hips.


and you can only wipe the cocoa powder off my lips.


at these walls you lean with a bent leg. on these vaults

you lean with bare hands. there are girls,

hints of boys hints of girls. pomegranate nights are washed with glasses of water

and here stands your shelter:                                 even though it is sinking


from underneath these vaults you rise:


here your kisses are,

in these walls – for only these walls

are your walls.

© translated by Anda Eckman in Andrej Zavrl