the space-walk sutra viii

by Paul-Henri Campbell

the space-walk sutra viii

viii. the theory of elevation, concluded

once upon a time history was
a current, a seesaw, a rippling dune

o, the agony of all its defacing disenchantments
all that unfeathering that unraveling
that unwinding all that unveiling
the amputations of our delusions our mysteries defunct

o, how magnificent, how liberating it all was
the earthward abolition of our inner selves
o now, to float in all that empty space

o, history, you're made: an enduring, quivering now
whenever a spacewalker returns:

»earthlings, i bring you tidings from above

it is there, the universe—empty, expectant …

what there is, is
the abyss within me,
the stars above me,
and on earth the reluctant gravity of you and me
once again feel it
once again I felt it
up there floating swaying the blissful void
disengaged from all of that
which was blue and heavy to me
i felt it feel it now
and the stupefying agony is gone

all we need are rockets and air