Blessed are the miners. / They don’t need to write poems. (Najboljši so padli (Študentska založba, 2011))

Katja Perat

Katja Perat (1988) is a graduate of Philosophy and Comparative Literature and postgraduate student at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. Her book of poetry The Best Have Fallen (Najboljši so padli, 2011) received a best debut award and was picked as book of the year by the Slovenian Literary Critics’ Association. 2014 saw the publication of her second book of poetry, Value-Added Tax (Davek na dodano vrednost), nominated for the Veronika Award for best book of poetry of the year as well as for the Jenko Award given out by the Slovene Writers’ Association. The book reviews she writes for the AirBeletrina literature portal and the biweekly Pogledi have established her as a recognisable voice of the younger generation of poets. Her poetry offers a critical treatment of the Slovenian literary establishment and other social phenomena as well as the fate of poetry and art in general. Poems from her first book have been included in the 75 Poems from Dekleva to Perat (75 pesmi od Dekleve do Peratove) anthology.

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