Marta Markoska


Marta Markoska (1981, Skopje) graduated from the Depament of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski“ in Skopje, and earned her masters degree at the Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies in Literature at the Institute of Macedonian Literature in Skopje. 


She is the first recipient of the “Todor Chalovski” prize awarded to a young Macedonia writer to recognize exceptional promise and contribution in the fields of poetry, literary criticism, essays and creative writing. The award resulted in publication of the bi-lingual (Macedonian-English) edition of the book “Black Holes Within Us” by GALIKUL - Association for culture, literature and art from Skopje founded in 2007 by Todor Chalovski (1945-2015), one of the most eminent Macedonian writers.


To date, Markoska has published eight publications. Besides the above-mentioned book, she is also author of Black Holes Within Us (poetry, first edition, House of Culture “Koco Racin”- Skopje, 2014), Culture and Memory (cultural studies, Matica makedonska, Skopje, 2014), Discussion on Zen Buddhism: Religious and Philosophical Transcendence Between Eastern and Western Thought (scientific study, Matica Makedonska, Skopje, 2013), Headfirst Towards The Heights (poetry, second edition, Magor, Skopje, 2013), Headfirst Toward The Heights (poetry, first edition, OU Centre for Culture “Aco Karamanov”, Radovish, 2012), Hyper Hypotheses (essays, Institute of Macedonian Literature, Skopje, 2011), Whirlpool in Bethlehem (stories, Templum, Skopje, 2010) and All Tributaries Flow Into My Basin (poetry, Templum, Skopje, 2009).


Markoska is a recipient of the following awards: “Aco Karamanov” (2012), for the poetic manuscript Headfirst Toward The Heights and “Beli Mugri” (2014), for the poetry manuscript Black Holes Within Us. Also, she is awarded in a short story competition Nova Makedonija newspaper (2015) for the story “Heights of Felix” and was a first place winner of the short story competition “Elektrolit” (2007) for the story “What happens when you're reading Frazer”.


Her work is included in several domestic and foreign anthologies of contemporary poetry and prose.

She is a member of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia since 2012.

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