I have picked up a shadow

while I was waling up the stairs.

I was just on my way down.


While I was touching the shingles

I lost an idea. I rolled down the roof

wrapped in my laundry.

Then the wind moved the strings:

and the same idea kept rolling down

overwhelmed with emptiness.


The wagon was just passing by.

  • Flatus Fluit Ad Fortunae

Fossam -


I have just watered

my flowers.

Translation by Pietro Federico

Ho raccolto un’ombra

quando salivo le scale.

Stava giusto scendendo.


Mentre toccavo le tegole

ho perso un’idea. Rotolava

avvolta tra i panni.

Poi il vento ha smosso le fila: è


travolta di vuoti.


Il carro stava giusto passando.

Flatus Fluit Ad Fortunae



Ho appena cambiato

l’acqua ai fiori.