Maarten Inghels


"My work is a constant search for the art of disappearing, loneliness, the metamorphosis and the friction between the public and the private, between being and non-being."

Maarten Inghels

Maarten Inghels (1988) is the official City Poet of Antwerp until 2018 and Artist in Residence at the Middelheim Sculpture Museum.

He coördinates The Lonely Funeral in Belgium, a social and literary project which provides poets to speak at funerals of those without relatives and friends to attend. The eponymous book was published in 2013 and received wide critical acclaim—a German anthology was published in October 2016. 

He was a guest at various literature festivals in Europe (Berlin, Mantova, Hay-On-Wye, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Zagreb …). Selections of his poetry have been translated to English, German, French, Croatian, Romanian, Estonian and published by various international anthologies and magazines (Poetry London,, Die Horen, La Traductière, Poésie/Première, Edit, 3:AM Magazine, Poetry International Web…).

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