The Old Roads Grow Bosky

by Niillas Holmberg

The Old Roads Grow Bosky

Just as I was about to leave
a raven settled on the rooftop


after a while I made it to the road

a Siberian tit landed
on the topmost branches of a birch


then I jumped on a bus
the driver turned on the radio

and I got shat on by a cuckoo

finally I got here
let’s see if you really mean it

or have you been eating magpies’ eggs


Eating Magpie’s eggs is a proverb in Northern Sámi meaning lying or speaking out of turn. 

Álo dat lottit

Áigon duvle njáhkalit geainn’ ala

muhto reastalasas čohkkái garjá


gieskat juo geaidnogurrii guivásin

muhto gaccepaš
skivvehii soahkegierragii


eske fas bussii buvttehin
muhto vuoddji rabastii rádio
ja mun mátkkálaš gihkii luhččehallen


viimmat de jovden
dál leš oaidnit oaivvilditgo

vai ledjetgo ribahan borastit skiremoniid