Romance with the Roots

by Niillas Holmberg

Romance with the Roots

Why am I lying here
face down in the frosty undergrowth


thinking back
I must have stumbled on a root

dashing from my goahti
I was spreading it with branches

after making the fire


now I think of it
I’ll just stay put for a while

because lying here half-conscious

is the furthest refuge I can find

from disconnection


fall is frosty
so I look for leaves

in the roots




Goahti – traditional Sámi dwelling made of turf or canvas.


Manin dás steanžán

njeazzi bihcon dakŋasiin


dáiden guossalit ruohttasii

dopmen sahtedohko lávus

ledjen durgegoahtán easkka

go dolla jo njuorššui


álemat vuos
dása mun gal orustan

velohalan dieđuheapmen

dasgo dán guhkkelii
in gáidamis gáidda


go čakča goddá

ferte ohcat lasttaid