Niillas Holmberg


Niillas Holmberg (born 1990) is a poet, musician, actor, translator and activist from Ohcejohka in Sámiland, Finland. He is the author of three collections of poetry, written in his mother tongue, Northern Sami, a minority language spoken by 20 000 people in Finland, Norway and Sweden. His poems is translated to several languages. Earlier this year a broad selection of Holmbergs poetry was published by Francis Boutle Publishers in English translation, titled ”The Way Back”. He has performed at many leading poetry festivals, such as the Medellin Poetry Festival in Colombia, Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia, and Poetry on the Road in Bremen. In 2015 he received the Premio Giovani Literature Prize for his influental efforts to develop and promote Sámi culture. The same year he was also the Sámi nominee to the Nordic Council Literary Award, the most prestigious literary award in the Nordic countries. 

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