Kayombo Chingonyi

United Kingdom

Kayombo Chingonyi's highly distinctive voice marks him out as a gifted poet. His performance style is mesmerising; his poems published in various anthologies and in his two pamphlets Some Bright Elegance and The Colour of James brown's Scream have earned him considerable respect and many accolades. He has a first full-length collection forthcoming with prestigious poetry publisher Chatto & Windus in 2017, whose list includes Liz Berry and Helen Mort. He is currently co-editing, with Editor Maurice Riordan the Autumn edition of The Poetry Review. Chingonyi won the 2012 Geoffrey Dearmer Prize The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize,an annual prize awarded by The Poetry Society. Judge Jane Draycott commented: "His language is wonderfully searching, his imagery a series of small doors opening onto a whole house echoing with harmonic play and set with delicate rhythmic trip wires. Out of settings we can’t fail to recognise (“dark means street / which means beast which means leave now for Benfleet”)."

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