Mariusz Więcek


Mariusz Więcek (born 1983) - dramatist, poet, stand-up comedian. Has published, amongst others, in Lampa, Gazeta Wyborcza, Twórczość and Odra. Prize-winner of the City of Gdańsk Award for Young Artists (2006), winner of the All-Poland ‘Golden Medium’ Poetry Competition Kutno 2006 for the best poetry debut of 2005, winner of the International Drama Contest ‘Talking about Borders’ 2016 (for the play Life is loading at the Nürnberger Staatstheater 2017-2019). He has released the volumes of poetry Dar języków i inne przejęzyczenia (University of Gdańsk Press 2005) and Equilibrium (Topos Library 2009). He has written twenty plays, of which three have been presented in the Theatre on the Beach in Sopot, (Nie strzelajcie do pianistki, Dwie noce miłości, Śmierć i dziewczyna) and one in the Music Theatre in Gdynia (Ała rzeczywistość). He lives in Gdańsk.

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