Donatas Petrošius


There are days when creative writing strikes me as a battle with the texts of the authors closest to me – I search for a way to strike with a similar or even stronger force. So, the creative act turns out to be a competition for me, even though I try to present the results from the neutral position of a judge or umpire. The greatest joy in the creative act is when I manage to enter into an imperfect nirvana that inhabits a domain on the other side of religious terms like “author”, “project”, “liking”, and “getting”. The creative act is for me synonymous with telling jokes: they can be clear, serious, shocking, strange.

Donatas Petrošius

Donatas Petrošius (b. 1978) is a poet and essayist. He studied at the Lithuanian Pedagogical University and received a MA in literature. He worked as program director for the Lithuanian Writer’s Union and was director of Writer’s Union Fund. He has published two poetry books: En Durance D / Iš tvermės D (2004) and Aorist / Aoristas (2009). His first book En Durance D won the Young Yotvingian Prize (2004) and the Zigmas Gaidamavičius-Gėlė Prize (2005). The second book won the Lithuanian Writer’s Union Prize.

Petrošius’ poems have been translated into English, Latvian, Russian, Swedish, Catalonian, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Farsi, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Turkish, Welsh and German. His essays have been translated into English, Polish and German.

More and more often, he now writes in dialect (Southern Samogitian). His present interests include local lore, sports, and quantum physics.

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