Rolf Hermann


Rolf Hermann, born in 1973, studied English and German Literature in Berne and Fribourg, Switzerland, as well as in Iowa, USA. He writes poetry, prose, and radio-plays in German. He lives with his family in Biel, Switzerland.


Hermann’s publications include three books of poetry: Homage to Backstroke Swimming in Chicago and Elsewhere (2007), Chronicles of a Crash-Landing (2011), and Cartography of Snow (2014). He has also published several CDs of radio plays and spoken word performances. His poems have been translated into Arabic, English, French, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish and have been included in various literary magazines and anthologies.


Angelika Overath, a writer and literary critic from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, described his works as follows: “Hermann hotwires space and time. And something flashes into being: a new sense, a beauty, something which often makes us smile. … his work belongs among the most exciting reads in contemporary German-language poetry.”

Rolf Hermann is a member of the Poetry Group Basel which organizes an annual lyric festival. Furthermore, he teaches creative writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel.


For his creative work, Rolf Hermann has received recognition through a number of literary awards which include: the Cultural Encouragement Prize of the Canton of Valais (2009), Writer-in-Residence for Poetry in Tübingen (2010), the Rilke Encouragement Prize (2012), the Literature Prize of the Canton of Berne (2015) as well as a writing grant from Pro Helvetia (2015).

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