Katja Gorečan


Katja Gorečan uses the alias Katja Dolganoč (which in translation would mean Katja Longnight) to accompany her poetry. She was born in 1989 in Celje, Slovenia. She received a bachelor degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University in Ljubljana and is currently continuing her studies in dramaturgy at the Academy for Theatre, Direction, Film and Television, also in Ljubljana. She took part in a creative writing course, specializing in dramatics. This resulted in the realisation of her one-act drama Seven girl's questions. In 2012 her second poetry collection The Suffering of Young Hana, which was nominated for Jenko Award, the highest poetry award in Slovenia and was selected into the Biennale of Young Artists from Mediterranean Europe. She cooperates in the organisation of festival Pranger, the festival of critics and poets.

She is not only artisticly, but socially engaged. She worked with demented patients in a nursing home, led creative workshops with female refugees and their children and also worked with mentally handicapped youth.

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