How To Love Dog

by Nora Gomringer

How To Love Dog

Good dog, she says

Good dog, that is

She says

Good dog needs love

Show love to good dog

Dog when out in rain

Dirty dog needs to shower

You dirty dog, dirty doggy need shower

Dog will stand at comand and wait

Shower dirty doggy

Shower dog

Stop dog from shaking

No shaking, good dog

Good dog loves food

Dog food is loved

Give paw

Lift leg

Roll over

Play dead

Good dog

She says dog will not correspond to no

No is not in dog’s vocabulary

Dog knows stop

Use stop when good dog bad

Bad dog stop barking

Stop licking

Stop running

Stop chasing

Stop whining

Then good dog again

You will love dog

Dog very lovable

When dog good


Just call if you have questions

Originally English by Nora Gomringer, published in “Mein Gedicht fragt nicht lange – reloaded” (Publishing house Voland & Quist 2015)