is the Human Rights Act in the desert Inshallah

are Freedom of Speech and Equal Ops

curlews in the crazy desert Inshallah


repetition of treasures in the Congo

repetition of bobble heads across poppy valleys


does the Kaaba glow on the road to Raqqa Inshallah

what swollen pass must these sandals tread

for the scar of Jerusalem Inshallah


repetition of warriors on the Screen of Thrills repetition

where I’m swung in love with a gun aboard my back


who has taken my house and eats my bread Inshallah

who takes the pen from the head so its flesh

harden to a vessel of God in muezzin cry Inshallah


repetition of robots in the sky repetition of fresh torn

martyrs repetition of babies blown like dolls in a market


why are my daughters in the desert O Inshallah

for the theft of the word where one man’s Allah

is beheaded by one man’s Allah for Inshallah