I Shall

With hoarse leaden words
I shall pull down the sky
like a simple neon thought at the shop window,
I shall tear out the panic stricken stars and
scatter them across the empty sidewalks,
I shall force the moon
like crumpled paper
to scratch the back of Notos[1],
I shall put the planets to sleep in
the factory smell of the suburb
and the clouds
I shall drain like nectar
over the blind streets,
and in the end -
like a dandelion I shall float to the abyss,
to spend the night just once
as a constellation in the new Cosmos.


[1] NOTOS (or Notus) was the god of the South Wind, one of the four Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He was the wet, storm-bringing wind of late summer and early autumn. Notos dwelt in Aithiopia, the southernmost realm in the geography of myth.