• Ars poetica is a civil association
  • Ars poetica, true to its name, focuses on propagation, cultivation and the development of poetry and understands poetry as an eternally young medium, which helps the past to meet the future, where geniuses of the past meet the citizens of presence as well as the yet unborn children of the future.
  • Ars Poetica publishes poetry – both Slovak and foreign – as well as the works on literary criticism and philosophy.
  • Ars Poetica, since 2003, organizes an annual, internationally renowned festival of poetry that holds the same name (link to Festivals and Archive).
  • Ars Poetica inspires the debate on contemporary poetry not only in Slovakia, but in broader, international context
  • Ars Poetica initiated the foundation of European Poetry Forum, an international platform that focuses on capturing the contemporary poetics and forms, as well as the traditions of European and World poetry.
  • Ars Poetica endeavors to connect and integrate poetry that is often present in a variety of artistic genres and disciplines.
  • The association Ars Poetica's main goal is to deepen the social awareness of the existence of a natural relationship between life and artistic creation, society and the artist, between the social and artistic phenomena.
  • Ars Poetica believes that poetry is a word for energy that is almost impossible to capture, but it opens new dimensions of life to all generations, whether those are children, teenagers, or people with a lifelong experience.
  • Ars Poetica deeply believes that the access to poetry belongs to our natural rights hence many of its activities are non-profit and free.

Festivals organized