Public organization "Druskininkai Poetic Fall" was established in 1998. The board of the festival consists of twelve Lithuanian poets and Kornelijus Platelis is a chairman of the Board. Main task of this organization is to promote literature creativity and international relations, promote Lithuanian poetry in the world.

DPF organizes a Festival "Druskininkai Poetic Fall" every year in October. We also publish an Anthology of the Festival and many Lithuanian libraries have a possibility to get this Anthology and to know more about different poets not only from Lithuania but also from other countries, to read their poetry.

We organize poets meetings with students in schools and this helps us to spread a contemporary poetry and to educate our young people. The organization is a possibility to emerge for young poets too. We motivate them to participate in all our events, to meet elder poets eye to eye and to discuss about good poetry or to get some advices. This year we had a seminar about canonical forms and many young poets could participate there and discuss with members of the Board.

Members of DPF participate in different international poetry festivals. They promote Lithuanian literature but also take back the information about poetry from other countries and so we can have advices what new book to publish or what poets to invite to festival in Druskininkai.

Very important part of this organization is communication with Lithuanian poets who live in other countries – we don’t want to forget those who started their creative way in Lithuania but now are living somewhere in other places. That’s why many Lithuanian poets from abroad are usual guests in the Festival.

The Yotvingian and Young Yotvingian prizes also are in competence of DPF. The Commission appointed by board of DPF read all new books and then decide about prize for the best book of the year. This prize is one of the most important prizes for poetry in Lithuania.  

Festivals organized