The Beletrina Publishing Institute (up to 2014 known as Študentska založba Publishing House) is one of the most productive Slovene publishing houses. It publishes about 50 titles each year and prides itself on its choice of quality literary works. The main criteria for its work is that the writing is innovative, fresh and radical.

Since the establishment, Beletrina – Academic Press has become an important and innovative Slovenian cultural organisation; with its domestic and translated literary program it represents a central meeting point and source of literary life. With almost 20 years of experience and more than 300 printed titles, Beletrina is Slovenia’s leading book series for literature. Its programme is based on quality and an innovative and professional approach to publishing as well as the promotion of reading and culture.

In November 2009 the Beletrina bookshop was opened in central Ljubljana.

Beletrina Academic Press publishes three book series: Beletrina, Koda, and quarterly ČKZ Magazine for Critique of Science, for Imagination and New Anthropology, which bring literary fiction, essays and philosophical texts to Slovene readers. Beletrina also publishes the online magazine AirBeletrina, and produces two festivals: the annual Days of Poetry and Wine Festival and the World Literatures - Fabula Festival.

In addition to the publishing activities, Beletrina organizes renowned cultural and artistic actions, literary tours of Slovene authors, a literary school and artists’ residencies, which all co-create the European intellectual atmosphere. They are also very active in projects making culture more accessible for people with disabilities, with emphasis on web accessibility.

Beletrina demonstrated innovation by entering the e-book market and designing the first Slovenian-wide platform for remote e-book sale and lending – Biblos, publicly launched in 2013 and recognized as a service in general interest because of its non-commercial business model for lending (free of charge for library members). Currently an e-catalogue for lending is developed for the Union of the blind and partially sighted of Slovenia. Beletrina is also a strong policy generator in the field of (digital) publishing on the national level.

Festivals organized