Unabhängiges Literaturhaus NÖ was founded in March 2000 and is since then the official "Literaturhaus" of federal province Lower Austria. The key activities are to promote literature and to present it to an interested audience. Our most prestigious activity is the annual festival "literature & wine", which attracts up to 1.100 visitors (see below). Apart from this festival we stage about thirty other readings per year. Since October 2000 we are furthermore running a writers-in-residence-programme. By November 2014 we have invited 138 writers from all other world (main focus on Eastern Europe, the former regions behind the so-called Iron Curtain), altogether 26 different countries. With five of these countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland) we established exchange programmes enabling also (Lower) Austrian writers to go to these countries for scholarships.  With the Hungarian city of Pécs we created a famous new idea called "Danube scholarship", which is awarded to a well known international writer with book translations into German and Hungarian.

As stated above our key activities are to promote literature and to present it to an interested audience. We try to achieve this by various means. One is the mentioned festival "literature & wine", which attracts visitors from all over Austria and even from the neighbouring countries (Germany and Switzerland). We also organize around thirty "smaller" readings per year, which partly are staged in literature house and partly we go to some special places outside literature house. By this we try to attract new audience – we organize readings in famous castles as well as in local wine cellars as well as we invite interested people to join us in our outdoor series "literature & walking". We try to be flexible in the way how to present literature, but we always put emphasis on high quality.

Festivals organized